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DivorceStep provides affordable, specialized services:

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Meet Michele

Michele Diamond is a Licensed Independent Clinical Social (LICSW) specializing in counseling adults and children around issues related to separation, divorce, remarriage and stepfamily living. She runs regular support groups for adults going with divorce and also runs stepfamily support groups & workshops. She is the author of “Families Divided”, a court approved Parent Education in Massachusetts and teaches this program in Watertown, MA. She is a frequent speaker on divorce and stepfamily issues and is a member of the Board of Directors of The Divorce Center.

Michele also enjoys writing about divorce and stepfamilies and has had several articles published in various newsletters and on the web. She sees a book in her future!

Michele is divorced and a mother. She lives and works in a suburb of Boston. Michele welcomes readers’ comments and can be reached by e-mailing her at

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