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Kids Korner

Hi Kids! You've just entered the 'Kids Only' zone where all of the articles and stuff relate to you whether you are 6 or 16 years old. We want you to be comfortable in here, have fun, and relax. You see, you are not the only kids whose families have changed recently. You have a lot of company and understanding for the feelings you have, the way you act, and what you're thinking.

So, kick off your Sketchers, or Reeboks or whatever and click away! You'll find things to read, games to play, and a place to ask Michele questions if you have something on your mind.


About Divorce -
Preschool to Age 9:
Dinosaur's Divorce - Laurence Krasny Brown & Mark Brown
Sailing Through the Storm - Edie Julik

Ages 6 - 12:
Divorced But Still My Parents - Shirley Thomas, Ph.D. & Dorothy Rankin
Divorce is a Grown-Up Problem - Janet Sinberg

Divorce is Not the End of the World - Zoe, Evan & Ellen Stern
About Stepfamilies -
Preschool to Age 9:
When a Parent Marries Again - Marge Heegaard
What Am I Doing in a Stepfamily? - Claire Berman

Ages 6 - 12:
All About Families The Second Time Around - Helen Cole Lewis
Divorce is a Grown-Up Problem - Janet Sinberg

Split Ends - Ruth Weber, Ph.D.
Steptrouble - William L. Coleman

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