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Families Divided

written and owned by Michele Diamond, LICSW, BCD

Families Divided, a court -approved parent education program for divorcing parents in MA, is now in both Weston on Saturday mornings & Watertown on Wednesday evenings. See below for class dates and registration information.

Families Divided™ is a parent education program for divorcing parents, which has been approved by the Chief Justice of the Massachusetts Probate & Family Court and meets the mandate for education for parents filing for divorce.

A goal of Families Divided™ is to empower parents to recognize that they are the experts on their own children and that they will make the difference in how their children are impacted by the divorce. This philosophy, presented at the beginning of the 5 hours, helps to immediately put participants at ease and reduces resistance related to the mandate of being there. Once this is accomplished, group members are at ease to both listen to the content of the program and to share their own thoughts and experiences.

Families Divided™ is based on the very latest research on divorce. Part interactive, part lecture, it also makes use of an excellent video, "Children: The Experts on Divorce" which features children speaking from their own experience of going through a parent's divorce. The video was awarded 1995 "Best in Media" by Children's Rights Council in Washington, D. C.

The actual content of Families Divided™ includes all of the information required by the MA Probate Court plus more. There is a strong emphasis throughout the five hours on the necessity to reduce conflict between the divorcing parents. Several innovative and easy techniques are taught in order to help participants gain distance, both physical and emotional, from their spouse. A continuum from parallel parenting to co-parenting is demonstrated and explained to help parents recognize the parenting styles for divorced parents and understand where they are on the continuum now and where they might like to be in the future. Through the use of brainstorming, participants are encouraged to share their own conflictual situations and ways they have found to be helpful in dealing with them.


Courses are held in two locations: Weston and Watertown. Please see below for time and dates of each location.

Classes meet 2 Wednesday evenings a month; 2 classes equal 1 complete session.

Time: 6:00 P.M. to 8:30 P.M.
Watertown High School, 50 Columbia St. Watertown.
Ample free parking is available both on the street and in the school parking lot.
(Click here for directions via Google Maps)

Winter/Spring 2017 Course Dates

  • January 11 & January 18
  • February 8 & February 15
  • March 15 & March 22
  • April 12 & April 26
  • May 24 & May 31
  • June 21 & June 28


Classes meet 2 Saturday mornings a month; 2 classes equal 1 complete session.

Time: 10:00 A.M. to 12:30 P.M.
First Parish Church, 349 Boston Post Rd, Weston.
(Click here for directions via google Maps)

Winter/Spring 2017 Course Dates

  • January 14 & 21
  • February 4 & February 11
  • March 11 & 18
  • April 15 & April 22
  • May 20 & May 27
  • June 24 & July 1



You may register for Families Divided™ by mail or online.

By Mail:
Please click on one of the following links and print the registration form to mail to us.

Registration form (Microsoft Word format)

Registration form (PDF format)

Please complete the following form to submit your registration online (Note: you will still need to mail in your check following registration).

Registration Form
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Class Location: Watertown    Weston
Full Name:
Street Address:
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By submitting this registration, the participant agrees that neither DivorceStep, Michele Diamond or Jonathan Nathan shall have any liability for any injuries, property losses or any other damages incurred while participating in any facet of this program.
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For additional information regarding Families Divided™,
please contact, or Call 978-443-3262.



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