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Book Reviews

Why Book Reviews?

It never ceases to amaze me to see how many books there are on divorce, as well as the ever-growing number of books consistently coming out on stepfamilies. Each book seems to promise new, more useful information on these subjects, but let's be honest here, after a while, just how much more is there to say?

The reviews on this page are included to help you narrow down which books may be the most helpful to you to read. I am a divorce and stepfamily book junkie, always trying to get my hands and eyes on every book written on these subjects. I recognize however that the average person browsing the pages of this website, is not interested in reading everything on the subject. You want to find the right book(s) that will provide you with the information you need now. You don't want to read a book that contains the same, or very similar information that you have read before.

In the reviews on this page, count on me to honest in my opinions. Trust that I have a basis of comparison and the educational and clinical background to review the books. However, please remember, these reviews are based only on my opinion. I encourage everyone to come to his or her own conclusions. If your opinions of the books I review are different than mine, please write your own review and send it to me. I will be more than happy to include it on these pages.

Most of the reviewed books (and others) are available for you to purchase, should you so desire, using the links on the Recommended Readings page of this website. After going to that page, look for the book under the particular category it falls under.

Rating system:
While I encourage you to read the full review of each book, I know you won't always have the time to do this. Therefore I'll also use a star system.

4 stars - recommended without reservation
3 stars - recommended with reservation
2 stars - I wouldn't recommend it in most situations, but it may contain information not found elsewhere that applies to your particular situation.
1 star - go ahead and read it if you want, but borrow it from the library before spending money on it! (There is no direct link to 1 star books on this website).

Latest Reviews:

Click the titles below to read book reviews.

We’re Still Family-What Grown Children Have to say About their Parent’s Divorce
by Constance Ahrons, Ph.D.

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