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Past: Perfect! Present: Tense!
by Julie Donner Andersen

"Based on her own personal experiences, Julie Donner Andersen has become the ultimate insider, one who writes candidly and sensitively about an often-overlooked segment of society. A former Ohio state political lobbyist for parental rights, Julie now resides in Ontario, Canada with her previously widowed husband and three children."

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How Can I Forgive You?
By Janis A. Spring

"We have been taught that forgiveness is the only healthy, morally sound response to violation, and that it must be granted without conditions, even when the person who hurt us is unremorseful -- even when that person is dead. In her long-awaited second book, the gifted therapist and bestselling author of After the Affair debunks these myths."

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Embracing Fear
By Thom Rutledge

"Embracing Fear challenges us to confront and move beyond the destructive control of unhealthy fear. Utilizing the acronym F-E-A-R, psychotherapist Thom Rutledge maps out a step-by-step methodology:"

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The Verbally Abusive Relationship
By Patricia Evans

"This unique self-help book for women provides insight into "psychological repression," the demeaning put-downs and threats that may accompany or precede physical battering."

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How Much Joy Can You Stand?
by Suzanne F. Barnes
"Accepting no excuses, writer Suzanne Falter-Barns insists it is each person's cosmic duty to channel their unique perspective into creating something wonderful. With chapters such as "How to Get the Fire in Your Belly", "Where to Look for Inspiration" and "How to Pray and Work at The Same Time" she is your own personal cheer section, pulling no punches and with you every step of the way."

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by Nancy Thayer

"Thayer throws in all the necessities for what men love to call a "woman's book": a mysterious meeting between two people who are incredibly and instantly attracted to each other, the decision of these two people to remain anonymous, an illegitimate birth and an adopted child, a wife/mother with some serious mental problems that she is covering up....the list goes on."

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