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We're Still Family
by Constance Ahrons

"In We're Still Family, Ahrons challenges the myth that children of divorce are troubled, drug abusing, academically challenged, and unable to form adult relationships. Instead she provides new evidence that the legacy of divorce is not as devastating as some researchershave suggested. "

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Families Apart: 10 Keys to Successful Co-parenting
by Melinda Blau

"Based on interviews with divorced parents, children, family therapists, and psychologists, this book by award-winning journalist Melinda Blau offers ten solid principles designed to enable parents and children to function as a family even though they no longer live together."

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Parents Are Forever
by Shirley Thomas

".... It is plain, simple and down to earth. Not only did I thoroughly enjoy this book but after I had finished reading it and highlighting all the passages I wanted to be able to quickly refer to again, I went and purchased a copy for my ex husband and told him he could learn a lot from it."

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Joint Custody with a Jerk
by Julie Ross & Judy Corcoran

"This hands-on, practical guide offers many proven comunication techniques that will not only help readers deal with a difficult ex-husband ot ex0wife by describing examples of common problems, but also teach them how to examine their roles in these sticky situations."

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Mom's House, Dad's House - Making Shared Custody Work
by Isolina Ricci

"Dr. Ricci explains, in plain language, the root causes of post-divorce strife. The author then continues to point out the specific techniques parents can use to establish a working, cooperative relationship with each other. A MUST READ for any divorced parent!"

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Helping Your Kids Cope With Divorce the Sandcastles Way
by Gary Neuman

"The Sandcastles workshop--now mandatory in over a dozen counties throughout the United States--is a half-day group session for children of divorce between the ages of 6 and 17. This intensive workshop helps kids open up and deal with their feelings through drawings, games, poetry, role playing, and other activities. This book details many of the workshop exercises, all designed to increase communication, understanding, and togetherness between parents and kids."

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Divorce Book for Parents
by Vicki Lansky

"An updated parents' guide to helping youngsters cope with divorce and its aftermath offers advice on such issues as breaking the news, custody, financial and legal matters, and support groups, emphasizing the need for cooperation and respect between divorcing partners."

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