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Books for Professionals (Therapists, Mediators, GALs, etc)

Caught in the Middle: Protecting the Children of High Conflict Divorce
by Carla Garrity & Mitchell Baris

"Two child psychologists examine the causes and devastating consequences of conflict between two divorcing parents and offer advice on helping parents reach an amicable resolution--for the benefit of the children."

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Children of Divorce: A Developmental Approach to Residence & Visitation
by Baris & Garrity

"This slim volume was enormously helpful in understanding how to best meet the needs of children in different age groups after divorce. "

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High Conflict, Violent & Separating Families: A Group Treatment Manual for School Age Children
by Roseby & Johnston

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In the Name of the Child
by Roseby & Johnston

"Janet Johnston and Vivienne Roseby bring their extensive research and clinical experience to a detailed examination of the immediate and longer-term effects of high-conflict divorce on children. "

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