Providing Consultation & Direct Service
in the areas of Divorce and
Stepfamily Relationships

Divorce Coaching

Often people want to move on with their lives but are not quite sure how. Or they're going through a difficult life transition such as a divorce or a remarriage with children, and need help in understanding what is ahead and how to prepare for it.

A DivorceStep Coach can be of great value at these times and others as you work toward creating a new life for yourself and/or your family. As your Coach, we will focus on the positives and the future as opposed to the past and the pain. We will help you develop your goals, construct a clear plan for achieving those goals and help you overcome any obstacles that get in your way.

How Divorce Coaching Works

Coaching sessions can range from a 1-time consultation to ongoing meetings until you've achieved your goals. The initial meeting is 90 minutes long in which you will be provided an extensive list of resources that will assist you as you move toward your goals. Subsequent meetings are 60 minutes long.

For more information and/or to schedule your first coaching session, please contact:

Michele Diamond, LICSW
Phone: 508-358-4455


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