Providing Consultation & Direct Service
in the areas of Divorce and
Stepfamily Relationships

Divorce Counseling & Consultation

Michele Diamond, LICSW, the sole proprietor of DivorceStep, provides a wide range of services specifically tailored to meet the unique needs of divorcing parents.

Parent Coordination

The marriage ends but the conflicts between the 2 parties continue. Decisions have to be made regarding the multitude of issues that affect the children but the parents can't agree. A Parent Coordinator works with the 2 parents to help them look at the other person's point of view, help them see what's best for the children and makes recommendations on what course of action to follow. This can be done on a voluntary basis or when court mandated.

Divorce Consultation

Perhaps you're not sure how to tell your children about your divorce. Or you're getting remarried and need some assistance in bringing the 2 families together. Maybe you've just got a question or 2 that you want to discuss with an expert in the area of divorce and remarriage. Schedule a 90-minute consultation with Michele. If it's not a legal issue, Michele can provide you with the answers at a much lower cost than your attorney.

Parenting Plans

How much time will each child spend with each parent? What is best for a one year old and what is best for a 12 year old? Legal, physical, shared, split custody? Michele will work with you to understand your options and is available to develop a full written parenting plan that can easily be incorporated into your final Divorce Agreement.

For further information about these and other services, please contact:

Michele Diamond, LICSW
Phone: 508-358-4455


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