Books on the Divorce Process

A Man’s Guide to a Civilized Divorce
by Sam Margulies

Sam Margulies, Ph.D., J.D; one of the most experienced mediators in the States, shares his experience to help men make this unpleasant process as quick and amicable as possible. His suggestions on how to manage this turbulent period will significantly minimize the effects of divorce on the separating couple and on any children in the relationship.

What Every Woman Should Know about Divorce and Custody
by Gayle Rosenwald Smith and Sally Abrahms

A complete insider’s guide filled with crucial advice from judges, attorneys, therapists, mediators, etc. Covers legal, psychological, and financial issues, how to handle specific situations and issues, strategies and tactics to make women prepared and stronger while going through divorce.

Aftermarriage: The Myth of Divorce
By Anita Wyzanski Robboy

“Ms. Robboy explores the five types of marital bargains that become evident in the unraveling of a marriage. It is a necessary tool for everyone: for those getting married as well as those contemplating or going through a divorce. The book is not only a roadmap to the divorce process but also an insightful look ito the meaning of the institution of marriage as defined in the law.”

The Fresh Start Divorce Recovery Workbook
by Burns & Whiteman

“Writen by a former pastor who went through the pain and tramma of a divorce, this book is the most difinative work on the subject. Perhaps the most incurraging aspect of the book is that the reader will find that most of the feelings they are experiancing are not uncommon for anyone going through a divorce. The Book will outline the different stages of the recovery process from shock, denial, anger and depression to acceptance, recovery and eventually forgivness.”

Crazy Time : Surviving Divorce and Building a New Life
by Abigail Trafford

A fully revised and updated edition of the essential guide for men and women moving through the turmoil of divorce.

by Diane Vaughn

“Based on ten years’ research, this is the only book of its type on the market today. It explains in lucid and engaging detail the turning points in intimate relationships showing that there are basic similar patterns. Vaughan’s extensive use of interviews of both straight and gay couples, married and live-ins, makes her book lively and interesting. “

After the Affair
by Janis Abrahms Spring

“A leading therapist and expert on infidelity offers emotional support and proven strategies to help couples overcome one of the most devastating events in any committed relationship. “

The Divorce Process
by Marlene M. Brown

“An experienced family lawyer provides everything you need to know about divorce, separation, and annulment in thirteen cost-saving, information-packed chapters, jammed with insider-tips, proven strategies, and practical resources plus an extensive glossary. A must have, from-the-trenches manual based upon the author’s years of hard-won experience, open this book to find information conveniently distilled to guide readers through the whole, world-shaking process. Each of the thirteen chapters is succinctly organized, providing concrete examples and dependable tips for the reader to implement in his/her own case”

by Don-David Lusterman, Ph.D.

“…couples who work hard can save their marriages following an affair: “People often find that once infidelity is discovered and its aftereffects are behind them, their relationship is stronger than before, and subsequent infidelity is unlikely.”

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